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Saturday January 21, 2012

1ST Fish 7:53 am 13.8 oz Walleye #095 Donnie Jossens $300 Cash
3RD Fish 8:39 am 13.7 oz Crappie #285 Frank Fletcher $300 Cash
6TH Fish 9:35 am .3 oz Crappie #092 Matthew Kruse $200 Cash
10TH Fish 10:22am .2 oz Crappie #092 Matthew Kruse $200 Cash
20TH Fish 12:48pm .4 oz Crappie #174 Bob Suchor $100 Cash

Largest Walleye, #194 Brian Jensen 1:2.7 $300 Cash
Largest Northern, No Payout
Largest Pan Fish, #285 Frank Fletcher 0:13.7 $300 Cash
Kids Largest Fish, No Payout
Smallest Game Fish, #092 Matthew Kruse .2 oz $200 Cash
Largest other then, No Payout

Sunday January 22, 2012

1ST Fish 8:15 am Walleye 3.4 oz, #234 Russ Hubbard $300 Cash
3RD Fish 9:05 am Perch 0.2 oz, #094 Jennifer Sevores $300 Cash
6TH Fish 10:20 am Crappie 0.3 oz, #093 Ryan Greeves $200 Cash
10TH Fish 12:23 pm Crappie 0/2 oz, #093 Ryan Greeves $200 Cash
20TH Fish No Payout

Largest Walleye, #234 Russ Hubbard 3.4 oz $300 Cash
Largest Northern, No Payout
Largest Pan Fish, #234 Russ Hubbard 5.4 oz $300 Cash
Kids Largest Fish, No Payout
Smallest Game Fish, #094 Jennifer Sevores .2 oz $200 Cash
Largest other then, No Payout


Walleye Stringer:#194 Brian Jensen 1:3 $400 Cash
Panfish Stringer: #251 Bryan Borgially 1:4 $400 Cash

$50 Cash Drawings for Fisherfolks

Josh Cowan
Garrett Lynde
Cheryl Dittus
Mathew Fogle
Scott Heiman
Dusty Wainscott
Brandi Miller
Christianna Ohnstad
Joe Hubbard
Jesse McAulay

Fishing analysis...due to the extra high water there is vast habitat for hatch of feeder fish so the big ones are there, but just not biting. I suspect that when they start biting they will be extra large so keep on trying you hard core fisher people.....out there drilling holes in the ice to catch anything. Hats off from the Pine Haven Chamber we appreciate your support. Sure wish we could have had some bigger fish ...hopefully next year.

We are still planning on X-Country Ski, Ski-Jour Races, & Dog Mushing on February 25 & 26th...pray for snow that will not melt the next day. LOL


Keyhole Winter Challenge - Pine Haven, Wyoming
February 19 & 20, 2011
The Results are in
Fishing Saturday:
1st Place Tera Rogers
2nd Bryan Borgialli
3rd Bernie Chado
1st Matthew Kruse
2nd Jeremy Lorenz
No qualifiers
1st Tyrel Hoon
2nd Nathan Van Valakah
3rd Bernie Chado
1st Matthew Kruse
Combined Sat & Sun
1st Tyrel Hoon
2nd Tera Rogers
3rd Nathan Van Valakah
1st Matthew Kruse
2nd Jeremy Lorenz
Robert Long

Bonus drawing for unpaid winnings due to no Northern
Levi McArthur
Jeff Davis
Jeff Johnson
Aaron Olson
Sonjia Sproul
Jesse Riley
Kevin Valves
Anthony Ludwar
Bill Kase
Don Cote
Gene Dittus
Andy Gabriel
Tayler Ernst
Chad Geffre
Houston Aars
Jacob Johnson
Jerry Schmenet


1. Purchase of a $50.00 raffle ticket includes entry to the Ice Fishing Derby at the Winter Challenge. No refunds on tickets.

2. Ice fishing hours are 7:00 am to 3:00 pm; both days of the tournament.

3. Headquarters will be located at the Pinnacle Bank Tent located by Keyhole Country Club. Stop there for information, registration, ticket purchase, etc. Sign up begins both days at 6 a.m.

4. Artificial and live bait will be allowed as it complies with the Wyoming Game & Fish Regulations. There is a link on their website http://gf.state.wy.us/downloads/pdf/fishregs.pdf or you can request a printed copy be mailed by calling 1-307-777-4600 or mail your request to: Wyoming Game and Fish, 5400 Bishop Blvd,, Cheyenne, WY 82006.

5. All contestants in the Ice Fishing Derby must possess a valid Wyoming fishing license and observe all Wyoming Game & Fish Regulations as well as Wyoming Parks & Historic Sites Rules & Regulations.

6. Contestants need to be at weigh-in station by 3:30 pm each day.

7. No frozen fish will be weighed. Fish may be weighed throughout the day at designated weigh stations.

8. Failure to comply with any contest rules or unethical behavior is grounds for disqualification

9. All Wyoming angling, snowmobiling and ATV rules must be obeyed. Citation will result in disqualification.

10. There will be prizes daily determined by heaviest weight and time registered. In the event of a tie the first fish registered takes priority. Prizes will be awarded by the different species of local fish including heaviest walleye, heaviest northern Pike and heaviest stringer, up to 12, of any combination of crappie, yellow perch, and/or small mouth bass.

11. Grand prize on Sunday will be for the two day overall heaviest walleye, heaviest northern pike, and combined two day total of up to 24 fish in any combination of crappie, yellow perch, and/or small mouth bass.

12. The Ice Fishing Derby will not be canceled or postponed for any reason except unsafe ice conditions. Contestants are responsible for their own safety, actions, and property at all times.

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